We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally-friendly products.

+ We have put a lot of effort and thought into making the cafe sustainable.
+ We have solar panels installed by SunSource Homes.
+ All but one of our tables are made from reclaimed wood. Some of that wood came from the torn down walls on the second floor of the cafe and some of the wood came from a farm in Kansas.
+ Most of our lights are made from wine bottles.
+ We re-purposed lath that was removed from torn down walls on the second floor of the cafe to add some finishing touches to the entryway, to the front of the bar and host stand and in the bathroom.
+ All of our TO GO ware is biodegradable.
+ We recycle all boxes, containers, paper and any other recyclable items we use at the café.
+ We collect all glass to be recycled and drive it to a local Ripple Glass recycling bin.
+ We compost all food scraps which are used to enhance the quality of the soil on our farm in Edgerton, Kansas.
+ Our farm, Be Love Too, produces as much organically grown produce as they can for the cafe. Baby Abigale, Steve and Andrea harvest and then deliver to us twice a week so we have fresh produce.